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Question from some interested newbies

Well, I met someone not too long ago that had an airsoft gun, and since his basement is HUGE he let us try shooting at some paper targets he had. After we all put on proper safety goggles, we tried it out and me and my friend were instantly mesmerized... Now we were thinking the other day of purchasing airsoft guns... But unfortunatley we are not 18 we are both 15. Now I read the current Canadian laws and from my understanding you obviously cannot just go around in your backyard shooting at people, you have to go to a designated spot because you're asking for trouble otherwise! But do you have to be 18 to use airsoft guns? And if you don't have to be 18, are people younger than 18 accepted in games (not made fun of)? If I were to participate in a game it would probably be at FlagRaiders. Thanks ahead of time! By the way, I had been interested before (hand't shot one before either) but I thought that 13 was too young so I decided to forget airsoft for a while.
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