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winter gameing

its just about time for this, ive got some questions id like cleared up. i wasnt sure where the best place for this was.

-what gun (if any) is best suited for winter gameing.
-is there one that performs better than others and less prone to cold damage, (ie. mechbox internals grenading, body and other parts cracking, mag issues)
-would a plastic or metal body be better?

-what kind of tips can anybody give.
-should you back your hop up all they way off?
-should you insulate your battery housing?
-how cold is too cold?

-nimh are reccommended for winter play correct?

-how well do gbbs perform in the winter.

-what kind of reccomendations does anybody have gear wise?
-what goggles are more prone to fail from a winter shot.
-what bbs perform batter (or are they even affected)

any other info on issues associated with winter gaming would be appreciated. i didnt play last winter at all and i dont want to miss out this year.
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