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Originally Posted by Jayhad
(i just know some idiot is going to take this to literally)
The point for the dimples is to minimalize the turbulent fluids around a sphere when it travelling thru said fluids (I use the term "fluid" as we are discussing fluid dynamics)
Wow. I would have been really impressed if you hadn't said "minimalize".

But to a serious note, I think the reason BBs aren't dimpled is 1. Way to small, and thus would cost a fortune. (As was mentioned before), and 2. The weight of a BB is not enough to make much of a difference. A golf ball has some heft, and so dimples add a very nice tag to the end of a drive. Same with a Baseball Bat. When it's dimpled, it can be swung for much greater effect. But when you have a .2g sphere, dimples can only do so much (Which in this case is not a whole lot) for your range. So I believe that dimpling would not increase distance nearly as much as hopup.
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