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My 2 cents

Been wearing different gear set ups for some time but just introduced to Molle a little while ago and fell in love with the stuff, versatile, modular allowing the user to go mission specific whenever the need arises. A quick review of the gear I have worn with my like and dislikes..

First gear was ALICE gear, not too bad, fast interchanges of pouches etc but ugly as sin and quality wasn't there at all.

82 pattern web gear, still like this stuff, like ALICE its pretty quick to change out to create user defined layouts. Pretty rugged gear too as I kicked this all over training areas and field all over the place and it holds up. Major con in my mind is its heavy and the grmmets wear quick and bend causing the gear to look ugly quickly. Good selection of goods pouches from SMG to Rifles and SAWs.

After the 82 came the CF Tactical vest, nice looking, matches the uniform, looks pretty sexy but in my mind, not flexible at all. Freedon to modify lies in the option of adding two water bottles or two utility pouches or one of each. The ability to carry only 4 magazines is not cool and I find the other pouches much to small to be a real benefit for anything (thak god the small pack came out afterwards). The vest is pretty solid but no configuration options and not a lot of cargo capacity, no good for front line guys but good for truck drivers and those who arent always at the pointy end and dont need to haul all the ammo a rifleman would.

MOLLE so far is the best, has all the creature comforts of the two previous set ups, easily interchangeable, good quality, no metal parts (other than the button snap) and incedibly accessible and realtively cheap for good stuff too. I have a chest rig that allows me to configure anything across my chest to suit my needs. Double M4 mags allow me to take an assault role (my mag pouches will take G36 and AK ones- nice as I own those as well) or I can add pistol mag pouches stuff with my MP7 mags and go ultra light which is nice (MP7 is not a pure CQB weapon, use mine quite nicely in open fields). Add SAW/ MG pouches and I can go support and carry a pile of BBS for the gun. Hell, dependant on what you buy for mag pouches, you can still carry a shitload of BBs in the rifleman role (triple mag pouches come to mind!!).Already mentioned is you can sell certain components off if you decide a role or a pouch isnt for you. someelse may be looking for that very part, making recovery of some funds very easy! Last thing I have found about MOLLE (dependant upon manufacturer) is when strung into the vest or rig, its there and solid too, won't be coming off unless you want it too, one thing I like about the old 82 pattern gear...

So my two cents is stock the Molle
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