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Thanks LUTNIT after having gamed my gun for a few games now I am really appreciating CA's quality. It's a funny thing because the games now for me have changed simply because Im thinking about the game and knowing that my gun will not fail me.
Arthraxis the stock like the rest of the gun is SOLID. Having used a retractable one for a couple of seasons ( TM m4a1) I wasn't sure how Id like the solid stock. All I can say is ...I love it.
I know Ive mentioned this in the review but I thought it's worth mentioning again. I play with a mini 8.4 1100 mah all day and have had no issues about the battery not lasting. I carry an extra with me but have never had to replace it.
Next year I plan on getting another AEG to add to my collection , I can tell you that it will be another Classic Army AEG.

If they take away the toy guns from law abiding citizens, sooner or later, only the criminals will have the really neat toys.
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