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Well, apparently Mr.Murphy has a long history of spending a lot of money on "new" things he decides to get into, paintball, airsoft, music etc.

He owed a lot of money even before he started airsoft, and hence, spent all that money on airsoft gear racking up his debt even more.
I asked for his Phone number and/or address, but my contact wouldn't give it up , I explained that you are all respectable people within the community and that no one is going to go to his house and beat him, and that everyone just wanted their money, or at the very very least, a heads up on the situation.

I urge you all to get the authorities involved, I'm sure someone in TSD must have his contact info? Ill keep trying

Last I heard he spent hundreds of dollars on a guitar and equipment, and cant play a single chord.

He scammed you, don't let him get away with it.
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