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Well, that's 6 retailers I know in the last 6 months that have been bent over by the feds. Four of them have not really returned and probably never will.

It's a wake-up call folks for those who think that airsoft is not in a precarious legal position. The fact that there is no "black-letter" law regarding them should in no way allow you to believe they are perfectly legal.

If the CBSA, or Justice want to go after you, there will always be a way.

Capone got nailed for income tax evesion, Gotti got nailed for jury tampering.

Just keep that in mind when you travel to a game with your Marui AEG plainly visible in it's original box. A little off-topic, but a reminder to those who've become complacent.

I hope all works out for Peter and Will. They will be missed during their "vacation" from airsoft.
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