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Originally Posted by sukivan
Originally Posted by ValkXB70
Yes and no. If someone does contact the RCMP and they do decide to evaluate your AEG's and GBB's, then they could also ban them. It happened in BC with the ban on Tokyo Marui.

Main thing is to stay smart, avoid people who do not know what it is you are doing, and if confronted by LE, follow every order they give you.
TM is banned here? What are you talking about? :???:
it was a stupid little thing last summer that the cbsa put restrictions on tm guns. its nothing to worry about it was repealed about a week later and did no harm. we still got our guns. it seams at the end of every summer the government dose some stupid strange little tactic to get a handel of what is going on. seirously dont put to much thaught in to it it is really nothing to get worried about....
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