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Well we in the MAA have played on crown land before (we have written permission to do so). I would not advise it however. Since the terror training camp was found in Ontario, we decided that the potential for trouble was too great. Here is how we thought the situation was likely to play out:

John and Jane Q. Public goes out for a nice nature hike, and comes across a group of men unloading what appears to be automatic rifles and wearing camoflauge. They whip out the handy cell phone and dial 911, reporting that there are terrorist in the park. The local RCMP is dispatched along with the nearest city ERT squad. In the middle of the game all of a sudden there are RCMP officers pointing real guns at us telling us to put lie down with our hands behind our backs. We are then cuffed and seperated for questioning as they try to determine our identities and what we are doing. At the very leat our names are now mentioned in a police report. At the very worst our confiscated airsoft guns are now sent to RCMP laboratories for testing to determine their validity as being a replica firearm.

Now that scenario is not the most likely to happen, and may be going too far. However is it worth the risk? We thought no. You might be better off talking to a local land owner and making a private deal to use their lands.
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