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Airsoft on Crown Land.

After a bit of research and speaking with the Provincial Government reps at Natural Resources, I've found out that we (only applies to New Brunswick) can use crown land for gaming. The only provisions are,
1. Carry out everything brought on site, garbabe, septic waste, waste water...etc. Users must leave the site in the same condition as it was prior to their arrival.
2. Park vehicles in a manner that does not block a roadway, trail or access to a watercourse.
3. Obey all restricitons, postings and closures.
4. Comply with all existing legislation.

As a matter of courtesy, we should consult the local Rangers office as to our location of the game(s) to ensure we are not playing in any sensitive areas, near any commercial wood harvesting operations, or on anyone's "leased" crown lands.

In short, check with the Natural Resources office in your area to see if they know of areas you should not be in.

This only applies to The Province of New Brunswick players. I encourage other provinces to check with your Provincial government to see what if any restrictions are in place with regards to accessing crown land. Most crown land is owned by the Federal Government and administered by the Provincial Goverments.

Good luck.
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