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Originally Posted by LUTNIT
Originally Posted by trufret
Nice to see another company shipping with low caps (although it a higher capacity low cap) instead of only selling 500+ round hicaps
But selling a gun with a hicap makes much more sense for new players. Those that have enough spare cash to snag 6-8 lowcaps after getting a new gun shouldnt have a problem with buying one more and selling the hicap here on ASC. New players on the other hand may not have that kind of cash kicking around and its near impossible to play a game with only a single lowcap.

A FAL is definitly on my list of guns to get, isnt STAR also making one soon?
A new player can't afford the FAL either.

This is more suited to estabished players, which is why it would come with a lowcap, at least in my opinion.
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