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Originally Posted by bloodkoala
The real problem with this idea is the projectile, but i think i have a solution.

Make a canister, shaped like a regular tank round. have four compartments behind the head running the length of the body. Each of these compartments has a spring loaded bottom that when released springs outward. each compartment also has a door over the top that is realesed at the same time as the bottom panel. A trigger is built into the nose of the round so that when it hits a wall or another solid object the catches release and whatever is in the compartments sprays all over the poor saps next to it.

NOTE: this would not be particulalry safe becasue it could seroiusly injure anyone that got hit directly by the shell.

these would prolly cost about 5-10 $ each if they were mass produced.

could bring in the age of airsoft rocket launchers....
Hence why it would probably not be a good idea, not unless you wrapped the whole thing in enough padding to prevent serious injury. The whole point is it needs to be workable AND safe.
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