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Originally Posted by Blastyman
Originally Posted by ILLusion
It actually looks the exact same dimensions as the King Arms version. I'm not sure what you guys are talking about.

It might look different because the original KA version did not come with the polymer handguard. The new USD$603 version comes with the handguard and as far as I can tell, they look almost the same.

I'd like to know where the battery goes, though...
Actually looking at the 2 pics Brian it appears the G&P is shorter. You notice the KA one goes closer to the gasblock then the G&P.

Unless there is some weird barrel length situation going one.

Which is strange that the RAS might even be smaller and hold a larger battery.
Good eye. I always never did well with Where's Waldo.

All of the KA ones seem to go closer to the gas block.

Another thing I just noticed, the elongated vents at the top towards the shooter, some pictures show FIVE holes there (such as the KA one shown at the top of this thread), but some other pictures show only FOUR holes (such as the ones I posted.)

Originally Posted by Drake
Well the G&P one looks pretty accurate, I'm only disappointed they opted to put a long barrel on it instead of the normal short one. Hopefully there'sll be a propper short barrel variant.

Either way, nice piece to go with my Marine/FR kit
There are already plenty of aftermarket short barrels available. Off the top of my head, there are variants made by PDI and First Factory. I'm personally using the First Factory one at the moment, but I have the PDI ones in inventory as well and they look very nice.

But other than that, looking at the real EBR and comparing it to these airsoft pictures, the G&P one does look more accurate, being shorter than the King Arms one.

Anyways, seeing all these EBR kits just makes me that much closer to building my baby...

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