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Originally Posted by Talraga
I was reading the forum thread on Airsoft Arty again just to get some Ideas, and a fleeting little thought popped into my head... so I put on my trusty Hat of Insanity +1 and let my brain run around a bit. What it came up with, other than the concept of peanut-butter flavor toothpaste :-D , was if we can set up some sort of safe-to-fire simulated arty/explosive round... why not make a Airsoft tank that actually has a really big gun on it? Not a real tank with real treads, of course... more like some sort of big truck with a big, tank-like turret on it.

For the gun I was thinking along the lines of some sort of 50-70mm barrel that launches some sort of foam-wrapped BB grenade that would detonate on impact, without risking hurting people... as an alternative you could also launch what would be essentially a plastic baggie of flower or some other heavy powder. Upon impact the baggie would break and send flower everywhere (this was discussed in the Arty thread a bit, if I recal correctly.)

The ammuntion has the same problem as the Airsoft Arty idea: it has to be safe to shoot at people and still have a "splash damage" effect. But it would be easier to develop a tank round that travels in a straight line rather than arcs like a arty round... you would not have to worry about the kenetic energy it would pick up on the way down.

I imagine anyone with some tools and experience could make the vehicle easily enough... you just need a old truck you don't like and something to make the gun out of.

Feel free to tear this Idea down... but go easy on me I always feekl a bit hung over after using the Insanity Hat. :cheers:

OMG your a genius! This has never been thought of before! :salute:
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