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i agree ,

Both my Kids are aware of my airsoft toys , my son is 8 , daughter is 6 .

but on the safety side of things for a 2 year old the toys should be kept out of sight , till such time as they know the right from wrong .
then when you feel the time is right you can introduce them into their life ,

i have been airsofting for 2 years now , so my kids were aware from the start and very curious ,but over time i was able to teach them the value of safety (do's & don'ts) and now spend time with them target shooting in the back garden , i have bought my son a tm boys M4 which he loves to use for target practise with me or my wife ,and all my daughter wants to know "who going to clean the mess up ".

both my kids are very safety aware now , but it took time and alot of patience .plus it gets us involved as a family and a little healthy competition .

Niether have a toygun phobia or are nuts about them , they see them as a family activity .That have to be used responsably.

Thx Ray
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