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Did any one look at this from the child's point of view? being raised how I was. (military brat) My father never actually taught me real gun safety. in place i got the lesson of "never point a gun at a target you dont intend to hit", and "the best way to avoid shooting your self in the foot is to turn the safety on". Having handled an assault rifle at a young age, well lets just say it was demoralising. If i had to pick the age that I learned how to use a gun, knowing what I know, I would say 16. 14 to learn that my old man kept them in the house.

My suggestion to you is get a nice hockey bag big one. Take up the sport hockey in her eyes and dont let her see whats really in that room till shes 15.(I say hockey bag cause then you put rifle cases in hockey bag at least until you get to the car.)

as for why I learned to use an assault rifle before I could barely hold it. I wish I knew the only one whom knows is my old man.
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