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I dont have kids, but I have been shooting guns since I have been 7. I lived in a small town and father is x military, he has tought me the respect of guns. And I have understood that before I ever shoot my first .22 rifle at the age of 7. He tought me how to be safe with a gun and the functions of the gun, but the first thing I got to learn was the destruction a gun will do.[this in my opinion is the most important thing] And at the age of 7 he shoot my dog infront of me after the dog jumped out of the back of the truck at highway speed.[Not that he is sick and twisted it was best for the dog and I happened to be there, I didnt take it to easy but it is a lesson in life you have to learn about] The next day he started to explain guns to me and I went shooting not to long after that. I guess I am saying is it is how you bring them up around guns, the more education they have about them the better, they can decide if they want to use them or not. You are going to talk to them about sex,drugs and guns arnt you?
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