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Thanks to the discovery channel & History, I've analysed sniping and counter-sniping through out history.

Now a days counter-sniping is not a one man job, it's actually a system of grids using multiple groups to pinpoint a snipers location. Using RoS of multiple units we get depth, height and V/H positioning. True counter-sniping evolved during the Vietnam war (although World war 2 Russia was quite remarkable). Several technical elaborations were shown on the show: They compared tunnel rats with snipers by stating that getting on top of an enemy is qualified as a highly risky endavor. "Better to fight for on top of a hill and then be the one caught getting up it". For counter-snipers however, shooting from below offers a unique advantage: "The blind spot" (notice that when using a scope, or plainly aiming through an iron sight, the field of vision is narrowed down. Hence the aspect of elevation and distance, but not of what might lie under your gun frame in the distance.). It was said earlier that you need sniping experience to counter. Of course, who else can track a sniper if not a sniper.

Saint talked about video games as a tool to help practice sniping skills. Maybe not technically, but practicing those eyes to spot, to calculate movement and to fire on a moments notice might be usefull. It could also help with control, thus cutting back on those "What's mercy?" hits.

To efficiently track and eliminate a sniper we need to think about a cavalry charge. Speed, Agility aswell as Logistical Control (communication in our case) would be the best way to take down snipers.

Snipers I suggest you take on a spotter with you if you want to counter snipe aswell.
If you want to learn about sniping or countering ( Not meaning that practice is not the best way to learn), check out It's one heck of a great ressource depot

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