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I started with a CA M15A4 CQB.

It been a great gun for me so far and has gotten me into arosoft in a big way. I have always been a big fascination with counter-snipers and designated marksman. Lots of material and tactics on that from the old Soviet Union; thier snipers were part of the squad and were used to extend the squads reange, rather than lone wofl teams as the US.

I recently recieved a good deal on a full auto TM Glock18C AEP, giving me a nice backup, and this got me thinking about what kind of AEG would make a really good platform for a squad's counter-sniper/designated marksmen.

Would love to hear suggestions; my idea would be:

CAM15A4 Full Rifle (510mm)
slightly upgraded spring approx 375-400 fps
elcon sight (or similiar that has 1-4x magnification adjust)
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