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Originally Posted by PTE. Pyle
Originally Posted by Drake
I'd also add that there's something called "Blank-fire Non-Guns" which are built-as-prop "guns". As someone above mentioned, blank-firing guns aren't "safe", and that not only because of the examples cited; a blank generates enough power to cycle the gun, and while no projectile is launched there's still a very powerful muzzle blast. (There was an incident (and probably others) were an actor from a TV show was messing around with a blank-firing gun and shot himself in the head with it as a "joke"; the muzzle blast caused brain death.)
That was the actor from the movie the crow if im not mistaken.
Actually that was John Eric Hexum. He was playing Russian Roulette with a snub nose revolver when he "got lucky". The wad from the cartridge and a piece of his skull was sent into his brain. That is why movies use wadless cartidges now. But the guns are still not safe for point blank firing. With the absence of the wad, more than one actor has gotten powder burns from being shot at close range.
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