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Ancorp, I know there's lots of safety nazis here saying things like, "don't transport your airsoft gun unless it's disassembled into at least 3 pieces in a a locked container and you hide the key in your rectum".

But those 'blanks' are, imo, a serious safety hazard. Brandon Lee and Jon Hexum prove the point (though Jon Hexum shows idiots should not touch firearms).

4 rules:
1)every firearm is loaded
2)keep your finger off the trigger until you want to fire
3)don't point the gun at anything you don't want to destroy
4)beware of your target and what's behind it

There is NO safe way to point a firearm at another person. Especially if you have a magazine in the chamber, loaded with cartridges.

For the record they also make/made wooden bullets, the Germans used them with training in WW2.

(or if you like, the Canadian safety rules:
Assume the firearm is loaded
Control muzzle direction at all times
Trigger finger must be kept off trigger and outside trigger guard
See the firearm is unloaded, prove it's safe

Point the firearm in the safest available direction
Remove all cartridges
Observe the chamber is empty
Verify the feedpath is empty
Examine the bore

Cooper's 4 rules are more simple and robust, while the Canadian ones are technical and bureaucratic, but they all work excellently. Unlike those blank cartridges!!!
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