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Ulfilas, i'd say go for it. There is no such thing as too many fields. Anyone who's against a new field opening, well they probably aren't the most credible sources of unbiased advice.

Originally Posted by thephenom
Just remember, you won't get a high volume of airsofters comparing to paintballers, so it's going to make it tougher for you to breakeven let alone making a profit.

On top of building regular facilities, you still have to take in consideration of insurance cost.
I'm not picking on you, but I'd like some comfirmation on this insurance thing. I don't really believe it, and suspect money charged for 'insurance' often is more of a hidden fee.

Not picking on you, just that I've heard the SAME 'insurance' rumours put out about car alarms lowering your insurance rates, and it's utter garbage - ie untrue. If I were betting, the best 'insurance' would probably be standard limited liability business stuff, mostly for slip&falls, and then waivers to convince everyone else that they have no case.

I actually rather like that set-up, but if it's as artificial as it seems, then it's an accident waiting to happen - and that could cause repurcussions across the country.

I'll try and give the AMA a call and ask if they've ever heard about this, if they'd ever consider offering it, and that sort of thing. I wonder if they'll laugh at me, or wait until I hang up...

"I want insurance for people to come to my house and shoot each other with my toy guns that break flesh and teeth, and run around in my forest...
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