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Not to sound rude here but have you actually looked at land cost within 15min of Winnipeg? Or do you already own it? I was looking before at the price peracre around Stonewall which is around 500 per acre. Thats about 30 min from Winnipeg, the closer you get it literally skyrockets. Usable farmland close to a major city is EXTREMELY expensive. Also the stuff near Winnipeg is almost all cleared or darn close to it making playing airsoft totally shitty as fields ruin the experience especially since we have no hills. Nothing worse than seeing your enemies at 10X your AEG's distance.

There are farms close to Winnipeg worth Millions all because of location. This increase in price means that airsofters wont be able to make up the price not with casual players. Also there is the fact outdoor airsoft doesnt last all that long we generally only play till -10 whereas XT does alot of business during the winter even with the more Veteran players who generally never play there during summer months.

There is one more point which I think is the real breaker of this plan. I get a good chance to see the new players come out to my field, and generally always play so I get to see if they come back. Unfortunately Manitoba isn't very friendly to us enviroment wise, I've seen people quit playing outdoors just because of the bugs. I've seen even more XT players literally say they arn't hardcore enough for outdoor games and stop coming out. XT doesnt have that issue the enviroment in there is controlable, and I've never seen someone covered in Ticks, layering on 100% deet or having to go to a doctor because of poison ivy thanks to XT. All those factors plus the crazy summer heat potential water of previous years (hopefully that wont return), and you'll find there are only a few very dedicated bunch who return, all of which most likely would rather play with the MAA who are more that type of players, and have free fields. Even outdoor paintball fields around Winnipeg dont have this issue as they generally play on cut grass with inflated boundaries and tires not the thick forests we are accustomed with.
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