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Hi Ducky!

Thanks for the input and advice.

Originally Posted by Ducky
You would have to have alot at that field in terms of Variety. I run a field myself, I also don't charge for games unless there are costs involved like props, food, etc. The other main field we play at that is larger has just as much setup as mine and follows the same idea. We are players not out to make money so we dont generally charge like I said unless there are personnal costs since I'm not made of cash.

So If you are thinking of making a field and charging cash even if its just abit you better have alot to offer. Also neither of the most popular fields are more than an hour away so better get something close, not giving more specific than that I dont like posting info on this site otherwise.
This is what I'm talking about. Your group isn't really looking to attract casual players with hidden venues and a closed community. Let me tell you where I'm a coming from... (long story coming up... :zzz: )

When I went out for airsoft for the first time at extreme-tactics, only two people out of 20 some-odd had ever played before (both were regulars). The median age of the group was about 27, and few people new each other. These folks are intermittent players at best (all had a good time, but few thought they would return more than a few times a year or for special occasions). These folks likely wouldn't be welcome on your field and with damn good reason: casual and one-off hobbyists can be "problematic" or even dangerous (we've all heard wedding party golf-cart horror stories). However, for my purposes, they're the people I'm wanting to cater to... the casual, adult player.

Dedicated hobbyists might also come if there is always a game on, even if that means playing with newbs. Heck, the regulars at X-T had a blast kicking our butts and we had fun with them. The key is that if a hobby is hard to get into due to cost and inconvenience, then you're right... it'd be hard to make a dime with folks. But X-T seems to be doing alright and I think I might be able to give it a go as well.

You are very right on two counts.. it's gotta have more than just the basics on offer and it has to be close to town... I'm thinking 15 minutes from the perimeter is at the outer edge of what most folks will drive.

Originally Posted by Ducky
Also as was posted before, signup for our boards and try to get to know the people you are thinking of getting cash from. Generally we might actually care that way.
I think I'll take you up on that offer! Thank you kindly! :salute:

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