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All very true. My objective isn't to make a whole lot of money, just to have it pay for itself (including the land). Once it's doing that, I'll consider it a successful effort.

As an aside:

I remember 20 years ago, paintballers were few and far between. Many folks I knew said it was stupid and that lasertag would kill it... that never happened. Airsoft has the potential to be a much better received hobby among adults who have little time (I'm very much included in that group)... no mess and more milsim oriented, but it currenlty lacks sufficient venues for one-off playing. Not everyone can spend hours joining forums, getting to know people, buying equipment, and then if all goes well and everyone likes you, taking a day off to get together with a couple of dozen people in some distant woodland. From what I can see, it's mostly people in there 20s (sans kids) who can do that regularly... how I miss that time :sad:

Given that the next government isn't the NDP, the sport I think will catch too. What it needs is more mainstream places. True, there are risks with broarder exposure, but it'll never gain anywhere near paintball's acceptance in this spread-out country if the hobby is limited to exclusive groups and venues.

Thanks for your help and for reading my response! :cheers:


Originally Posted by thephenom
Just remember, you won't get a high volume of airsofters comparing to paintballers, so it's going to make it tougher for you to breakeven let alone making a profit.

On top of building regular facilities, you still have to take in consideration of insurance cost.
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