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Originally Posted by ulfilas
How far are airsofters willing to drive to play airsoft?
Generally for a "local" field, 30-45min drive from your player base is great, up to an hour shouldnt be a problem, depending on the quality of the field. It's a good 1/2 hour haul to my local field here in Ottawa, and I think nothing of that. But it's a kickass establishment, and I would totally drive up to a hour regularly to get there for games.

Originally Posted by ulfilas
Is it important to offer indoor facilities beyond a clubhouse?
Indoor facilities are always a bonus. "Semi-permanent" structures such as a large festival tent /w wooden tables etc are great for staging areas.

Originally Posted by ulfilas
Would I need to rent out guns?
With rental guns comes repairing guns. If you are willing to deal with the hassle of maintaining a small fleet of aeg's then having a few around for loaning to prospective players is always nice. However given the mature community in Winnipeg, not having rentals shouldnt be a problem.
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