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What is an SRT?

I'm not exactly sure if this belongs here or in the discussion area.

I was standing in line to pay for my gas today, and these two guys in front of me were talking about airsoft. The conversation went something like this:

Hey man, have you ever heard of airsoft?

Ya man, I've been doing some research on different guns and stuff for a while now why?

Really? Well I have this sweet SRT for sale, you can take it for 500 bucks, and I'll even throw in a free red dot for ya.

Dude that's awesome! you'll definetly have to show it to me sometime!
So now I'm wondering what an SRT is. I did a search on google and these forums, and all I found was 2 words. AUG SRT. Due to the lack of information I thought I would ask everyone here. What is an SRT?

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