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From a noob point of view I think phenom said it best. They look at molle and go whaa? They also may look at the price of a molle vest and pouches and think its a better deal to go with the 'all in one' panel vest.

As for repro gear being the 'wave of the future' I cant dissagre more. I've used cheap and top of the line repro gear and I cant stand to look at the crap now. Yes I run a real CIRAS, yes I spend the better part of my pay on gear but after my team mates started getting decent gear they all look at it the same way. When it comes down to it you need gear that fits you, is comfortable and works. I've seen too many people lose pistols to broken holsters and had rigs that fit aquardly to ever take repro gear seriously. Even if you argue that this is airsoft, take a look at a fake CIRAS and a real one, there isnt a comparison.
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