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Miles I think you covered the basic pro's and con's for each type of vest.

I've owned and used plenty of the non-modular gear, a modular (panel) tac vest (similiar to what you posted up there in the black) and now the MOLLE based gear. Personally, now that I have gone to a MOLLE system I could never go back to anything else. It's just TOO easy to change your loadouts. I have disagree with your comment about it being labour intensive. Sure it's certainly not as simple as a panel type vest, but still easy once you've done it a few times.

It also takes awhile for people to figure out exactly what type of gear suits their playing style and MOLLE gives you a ton of different pouch and accessory options -AND- plenty of manufacturers to choose from. Color/camo is also an important option. Companies that produce MOLLE type equipment also provide a variety of camo patterns to choose from and they are all very easy to obtain.

I'd sure like for some of the Contra boys (looks at Yuxi) to chime in on this one. Those guys know their stuff.
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