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Originally Posted by ginson
Lt Poncho and Arnisador,

Thanks. I will stand down. This punk think he knows everything about everything.

Arnisador, PM sent
Not to add feul to the fire, but Prowler did apologise, to call him a 'punk' after that isn't very tactful. Prowlers a good guy, and he did say he was sorry.

As for the purpose of the UAA, intresting idea, it can't hurt. Im not quite sure if we need such a thing here in Canada. Airsoft in other parts of the world is definetly different then airsoft here (the age limit for example). Even the different provences here in Canada sport different rules based on slightly different codes of ethics. To each their own I guess, but airsoft is about good clean fun, and (at least here in Montreal) we don't really have a problem keeping it clean, we know the rules, we know what we value and know how to behave.

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