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Ginson - Pare, try to remember you are speaking to a bunch of ignorant fucktard noobs which populate most of this board. They couldn't even begin to conceptualize the Airsoft environment in the Philippines, the history involved, the fact that Canada represents a sliver of the international community and how far out in space that community is compared to the rest of the world.

So don't take comments here the wrong way - instead feel sorry for the short sighted poster whom most likely will fall into the 85% demographic of Canadian Airsofters who get in and out of the sport like they change their underwear/go thru a revolving door/change sex partners like Lindsay Lohan. Some of the PARE's here might understand your point of view, as I am sure a lot of HK players - unfortunately these players who have this knowledge and insight have stepped back from this forum a LONG time ago.

It's kind of like making the mistake that the solar system we inhabit is in/close to the CENTER of the known galaxy. Imagine their surprise when they stick their fucking head out the window!!

Prowler - smarten up.
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