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Originally Posted by Prowler
a big WTF on my part, if your going to create a GLOBAL airsoft community do it RIGHT at least. jesus. Don't fuck it up.


We are inviting you to join. Now, where did we FUCK UP? It is an invitation, most of the comments here are even out of topic. If you dont want to join then fine, dont.
But to swear on a thread like this and comment that we are fucking up - makes me think you are not a gentleman, perhaps barbaric, I use to look up to guys being refined, but you destroyed all that notion. leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Or are you trying to prove to everyone here that you're one macho guy, big shot, a super strong Mr. KNOW EVERYTHING A**H*LE.
then if thats how you feel of yourself, fine I respect you for thinking you are such. But geesss, swearing like that and commenting as if you know everything there is about airsoft, looks to me you're one A**H*LE trying to push your way, thinking your way IS THE WAY

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