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Originally Posted by ^Hyperion^
Originally Posted by Kuraitenshi
Alcatraz, would be fun

x2 , expensive ,though. What a pipe dream
It terms of feasibility, Alcatraz might top the list. That place could hold up to the abuse, you'd just have to clean up the BBs.

The most fantasticly imaginable places for airsoft already seem to be use in airsoft in Europe. All those pictures of battles in old bunkers and forts make me jealous.

But for entirely improbably places to play airsoft? Let's go with nuclear power plant for starters. A hydoelectric dam would be pretty good too. Then follow up with a terminal at an airport, complete with 747. Actually, screw that. How about an aircraft carrier? Or better yet, the Kennedy Space Centre.

The most unlikely place airsoft is to ever be played, but would be unimaginably insane, would have to be the international space station. Go from counter terrorist scenarios on earth to Moonraker.
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