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Originally Posted by thephenom
Originally Posted by Huge G. Recksion
Gun purchase is like imposible in HK... i dont even know if there is a real steel gun store in hk. i think we are a lot safer even compared to canada. At least we havnt had a gang war with ppl gettin shot while they shop outside eaton mall.
There are gun clubs that are mostly pistol based, can't say I've seen or heard about a gun club with shotguns or rifles. But then again, you can play with real steel in a lot of places in China.

I remember going as a kid, my uncles got to fire maybe a mag off an AK and a few pistol mags. (They could be blanks, but I was too young to remember)
Ya... i know about gun clubs in china, someone invited me once but never got the chance to go. Never really hear about gun clubs in HK.

Hong Kong is the airsoft mecca.... i think its fine if we dont have any real steels roaming the streets.
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