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Originally Posted by BBS
Yeah because kids play in the U.S. and the Phillipines.. I guess Hong Kong too..
yeah i went on a vacation a few years ago with my friends to Hong Kong and you see all these kids running around in malls, streets, subway, with no-name brand BB guns, kids like 12+ usually get marui springers/GBBs. you see BBs all over the ground in hong kong. Kind of scares me. I think HK allows kids to get guns and its ok to publically bring it out is because its impossible for citizens to get real firearms (only if your are terrorist and you smuggle it in which again is impossible) and so the police there are used to kids with crappy springers....

my 2 cents :-D
I come from Hong Kong, and actually am living in HK for the summer... It's kindda true that kids can get bb guns when they are like 12... but i have never see kids shooting each other in malls, streets, subway. Although they are not strict about the purchase of airsoft guns, i am pretty sure everyone in hk are pretty strict about playing in public. As for bringing it out to public, ya everyone is fine with a 12 year old kid runnin around with a toy pistol yelling "bang bang".

Chinese parents are pretty strict about public display.... shootin someone in a mall will rarely happen. i cant say 100% percent, cause i dont know everything, and its bound to happen once or twice, even in canada.

Gun purchase is like imposible in HK... i dont even know if there is a real steel gun store in hk. i think we are a lot safer even compared to canada. At least we havnt had a gang war with ppl gettin shot while they shop outside eaton mall.

so u dont have to be afraid to come to HK. i've never heard of anyone gettin shot while they take a stroll at the mall, or takin the subway to work! :grin:
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