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Originally Posted by Houston
Originally Posted by BBS
Yeah because kids play in the U.S. and the Phillipines.. I guess Hong Kong too..
yeah i went on a vacation a few years ago with my friends to Hong Kong and you see all these kids running around in malls, streets, subway, with no-name brand BB guns, kids like 12+ usually get marui springers/GBBs. you see BBs all over the ground in hong kong. Kind of scares me. I think HK allows kids to get guns and its ok to publically bring it out is because its impossible for citizens to get real firearms (only if your are terrorist and you smuggle it in which again is impossible) and so the police there are used to kids with crappy springers....

my 2 cents :-D

Yeah, I knew they played in public, I just didn't know if they allowed kids.

Guess they do.

I read that they play in parks, streets, and basically anywhere in an open place, which is a really stupid idea, what if a random person walked thru a couple of people shooting at each other, not knowing of what is going on, and got hit in the eye?

Another reason why I don't want to go to Hong Kong.
Scary thought, but I doubt there is so little control.
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