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Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Kind of makes me wish you were around for that Montreal trip we did when Raven/PQAC hosted the OP:Ghost Shark game - that tanker ship was just beyond anything that I or anyone else had experienced for venues to play at.
Yeah, I see pics and read after reports of alot of games that went on over the last few years and I start kicking shit around the house. I've been missing some awsome games.

Originally Posted by lt_poncho
I think the guys out in Mission who play on the ferry are getting the same taste of that.
Saw pics of that too, man... I'm really mad about that one.

Originally Posted by lt_poncho
That Whitby Psych location reminded me and Cooper of that sub-basement - I couldn't believe all those houses were interconnected with tunnels.
That place was like an Airsoft Auschwitz, you'd bend over and pick up a card that read "subject suffering from depression, unresponsive to drug treatments, self inflicted wounds evident, recommend shock treatment" I was like... eeeww, this place is really creepy. Lots of mood in that place. The tunnel was just a bonus to all the freeky paperwork lying around.
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