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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch
Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Heh heh heh - good times! Forgot about all that, then totally realized it when you posted. Man has it been that long. CQB2K! Didn't you make the 'final round'? I remember I got bumped out by Major...damn good times...
Yea, this thread really made me take a step back and tally up all the places we've been, and places we've played. Alot of memories. I know it sounds corny, but I feel like a bigger person because of it.

Major and I tied. We never really settled that score. :lol:
Kind of makes me wish you were around for that Montreal trip we did when Raven/PQAC hosted the OP:Ghost Shark game - that tanker ship was just beyond anything that I or anyone else had experienced for venues to play at.

I think the guys out in Mission who play on the ferry are getting the same taste of that.

Another place I miss, this was like back in 1987, was an old monastary, or orphanage...some sort of really pre-1900 building that was on the corner of Hwy. 40 and Cote de Liesse in Montreal - the place had 5 floors, 3 wings, a basement, a sub-basement and a freaky freak sub-sub basement. Milestone games played there man...i'm glad we took pics!

That Whitby Psych location reminded me and Cooper of that sub-basement - I couldn't believe all those houses were interconnected with tunnels. The house to house drama alone would be quite the event, but the tunnels could hide in there all day.
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