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Originally Posted by Aaidin
Originally Posted by guiltyspark
Metrotown, in Burnaby BC
That would fucking own!

Also, I'd be a dork and rebuild the following levels from Goldeneye and play in them:

The Facility
The Complex
The Temple
The Stack

Also, Heritage Park in Mission, BC because I was just walking around in there and started stalking through the trails/bushes pretending I was playing airsoft...and it seems like a cool place to do it. Also, this one lady thought I was a bear and apparently almost had a heart-attack...which is sort of off-topic I know, but still funny.

Anyways, yeah, that's all I can think of right now.
Goldeneye pfffftt, CS man, De_dust!!! biiiatches, no AWPers plz, and Ts no camping.
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