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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
Originally Posted by Dracheous
CN Tower would be awesome... I'd get me a sniper rifle and start doing "There's an asshole BANG... There's an asshole... BANG!" routine.

I'm surprised no one said Parliment. Come on! Who wouldn't love to rush those doors? Think about the house of commons!
After these comments you may notice that there will be a white pizza delivery van parked across the street from you house for the next several months.

I'd say any bank in downtown TO. Reenact the entire HEAT scenario.

Was wondering what that ExpressVU van was doing out front... everyone has cable on my street!

If you'll excuse me, I shall be packing up now.

Oh another great place would be West Edmonton Mall if no one said it. Now if only we could mount torpedo's to the Navy's finest submarines there.

EDIT: Also, we already burned down the White House in the War of 1812! Yeah we burnt it to the ground, ran out of beer and came home. ^.^

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