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I find the Bolle's to be perfect for airsoft (point taken from Brian, maybe not for extremely close indoor use though), especially seeing as how I lug my 16lbs worth of M24 around 90% of the time on my back, the low profile of them makes them pretty much invisible when a proper rifle cheek weld is necessary. The paintball goggles I had (JT something or others) previously would prevent me from safely looking through the scope with medium mounts, they'd shove off to the left and up, exposing about half an inch of area for BBs to enter. Switching to higher mounts (1/8" higher if that!) helped a bit, but still had problems with cheekweld. SO I bought and cnsistantly use my Bolles the past year and a bit, never had any problems with them. EXCEPT, when lying prone for a while with a hat on (mostly wear my boonie) and when extrememly humid, sweat will collect on the lense, making it very much the same as fogging except you get to look through seat drip lines. Rolling the brim up and leaving it there for a minute or so helps to clear the lense, but still an annoyance at times. Only happen on occasion, not enough to really bitch about, but it does happen. I use decent anti-fog which works most of the time, but that sweat fogging can't really be prevented half the time.

Great comparison though, was hoping the Bolle's would win!

BTW, to take the lense out you pop it out from one side of frame (doesn't take much effort, it won't break), then pop it out the other side and remove from the center. Reinstalling, yo upop one side of the lense in, then the other, and press the center to finsh it. Makes applying anti-fog or even just cleaning a breeze, I remove my lense before and after each game, sometimes in the middle if I have sweat stains. I plan to buy a second lense, and try out some mild car window tinting film on one of them, as my eyes are light sensitive and not having sunglasses really sucks on some days.
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