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Actually, I'm the manager of, a Michigan based store with 2 locations. The whole orange tip thing here in the USA is only for importing and sales. Once the end user walks out of are store with his new airsoft gun, he can do with the orange tip as he pleases. There are no known local or state regulations for orange tips in MOST of the 50 states.

Some yes, but most no and the ones who do have them are mostly local ordnance.

Texas is in the middle of trying to pass either some bans of airsoft and replica firearms or have an orange tip law even after import and sales but who knows if that will ever happen. Also I think those are local ordnances too, not state wide.

I get alot of people from Canada in are shops and they fly and drive back into Canada with guns all the time. I've also mailed a couple into Canada marked "paint ball supplies" and your customs never even checked them. Not saying it couldn't be a problem though, never know.

I really don't understand Canadian law and airsoft though. Someone tell me, are they actually illegal or just heavily restricted? I sell alot of those Systema PTW guns to Canadian people and they don't seem to be concerned about importing them at all.

Without linking me to some complicated codes, can someone just give me the short and simple reason why airsofts a problem in Canada? I guess I thought there was a way to do it legally up there too.
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