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Originally Posted by Erik_james
I think all you need for ebay, is a vaild email address (thats all I needed and I had my account when I was probably 16-17) Or you can buy one of those pay as you go credit cards.

All you need is an e-mail address that is "not free" (, if you use a free e-mail address ( then it brings up another form to fill out credit card information (for age check?).

However there are a lot of free e-mail accounts that you can get, that ebay doesn't know of and thinks they are non-free accounts.

At this point you can only 'buy' and can't sell. In order to 'sell' you must have a credit card, or take advantage of one of their end of the month (bimonthly?) "free sale" or "5 Free sales"...even then you may need to have a credit card.

Ebay protects buyers by only having adults (or kids that steal their parents credit card numbers) selling items, the most harm that a kid buying things could do would be to win a bid and not pay, thus making the seller lose 60 cents or so. The seller could then (probably) contact ebay and notify them of the situation and recieve their money back from posting the auction.
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