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Im sure the WBAT WOLFPACK boys from Winnipeg would make the trek (we were talking of hitting Op Irene next year anyways) as well as some other Manitoba Airsoft Association members. I have played airsoft for 7 years now and my most used AEG is a stock CA. So big whoop if thats all we can use.

not to rob from this thread.. but I am hoping some US troops will make the trek to Keystone Strike 3 next year. Our series is growing and the story evolving. (had to do mostly with the Canadian oil sands and the need for oil by the world). We have a fellow here who is able and MIGHT help you folks get your guns into and out of Canada (if its not too inconvinient for him) or we can do a simmilar venture as you are thinking here. The only problem we will find is people not being able to use stock rifles for some strange reason.

come to and advertise this there as well. We can talk there.
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