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in my now going on 4 years of airsoft ... i have seen 5 people with orange tips in america.

we paint them electric tape them.. hell most come with a fakey orange tip and the real one is at the bottom of the box
The orange tips are for shipping and ..... for play if you don't call the local cops. but either way you really should call the cops.. so we just call the 5.0 and are done with it.

i figure it will take a long time from announcement to event because of distance. You guys have gone a long way and providing us with the propper motivation. when i have dates i'll let you know.

How many as players are there in ontario? i am pretty close to the border here. 2.5 hours. i am in youngstown ohio. quest me. maybe a preliminary east coast continental game would be good.

either way thanks so very much for all your support and i will do more than try to make this happen!!!

Again THANK YOU now when people ask me about the candian interest i have a link to shut them up and get them out for this occasion.

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