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Originally Posted by Dracheous
Also rules against spraying down civilians. They have to shoot only at those shooting at them and such. Mow down the crowd and all of a sudden your on trial for a war crime while trying to save your ass form being diced up and/or dragged behind a truck.
Hardly. If you read the real account (and it's also hinted at in the movie, although not shown outright), the Littlebirds (AH-6/MH-6) were armed with miniguns and made constant strafing runs on the crowds throughout the day. The real story explains how they would do a strafing run, empty their rounds, return to base for rearming, and fly back, over and over.

I'm not sure the mob surrounding the crash sites could be considered entirely civilian, either; they were armed, and they were aggressive.

As stated above, the minigun is entirely electric and most likely there was no power in the aircraft - otherwise a single burst to display that the minigun was up and operational would have probably sufficed to keep the crowd at bay indefinitely, since no one/group would want to venture into that kind of firepower.
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