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Originally Posted by Phalanix
Originally Posted by swatt13
there is a obvious difference between a non threataning opponent ie someone holding a camera, and a threatening opponent, someone shooting at you.... i cant fathom how theyd screw that up.
In the heat of the moment, instinct and reaction will often take over. This is especially the case with newer players. They are twitchy, but I've been shot at by both new players and veteran players.

But I usually just shrug it off, since it's understandable sometimes that I'm seen as a player. Sometimes they probably just see my side or my back, and not my camera. Also, I get really deep into the middle of fire fights, while wearing my camo. So if I got shot, I can't complain.

But some times some people are just assholes and they shoot you even if it's a clear IFF.

very true..usually i get shot at least 10 times a day when shooting..i know its just beacause i surprise em... i like the viz you can get when "being in there" also if you wear the vest make easier for the other guys to see you and figure..hey some guy must be near there since he is shooting...


i also yell hit and walk off when popped...shoot from side lines then...makes you have to duck as well.
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