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Falcon is also difluoroethane.

Zellers sells HFC134A 1-1-1-2 Tetrafluoroethane in 12 Oz. Bottles under 'The Blaster' name, made by Belkin in a red and white bottle. Price jumped up recently to 12.97 from 10.97 since they picked up Fellowes brand Difluoro. SKU is 4612 3873 (I bought a bunch from them, but they don't carry much per store so I had get some from another store)

And The Souce (By Circuit City) sells their 12 oz. bottles (marked in a blue and white container) under the Nexxtech (IIRC) brand for 14.99. They have a smaller one for eight dollars, but it's not really worth it. I lost the SKU tag on the one bottle I had...

Edit: Beaten to the punch.
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