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Greater Toronto Area Milsim Airsoft Convention October 28 2006

Greater Toronto Area Milsim Airsoft Convention (GMAC)
Sponsored by the Law Firm of Boland Howe

ASC ARMOURY Sponsored Raffle. in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank. Bring in 2 non perishable food items (cans of food) for donation to the food bank and you will be entered in to a raffle for the following prizes. 1st prize. TM G26 GBB pistol 2ND prize Guarder Tactical Vest. 3RD prize AI Propane Adapter. Win cool stuff.. help feed the hungry.. does it get better?

Door Prize and Best Kit turn out prizes supplied by
Your one stop shop for everything military
1695 Avenue Road Toronto

October 28 2006 10:30 am to 5:00 pm at TTAC3 927 Dupont (at Concord, 1 block west of Ossington) Date is 100% firm :-D

GMAC is a gathering of airsoft and military simulation enthusiasts designed to provide a venue for the sharing of interest and ideas pertaining to the activity of Military simulation using Airsoft Arms. GMAC will be a great place to be introduced to the activity, to meet friends and to interact will all facets of “Airsoft Culture”.

GMAC will provide a place for participants and venders to meet for trade and demonstration of products and services of interest to enthusiasts of military simulation.

GMAC will provide a venue for local groups and teams to present their organizations to potential new members.

GMAC will provide a place for participants to meet, show off their kit and generally spend time in the company of many others of like mind. There will be opportunities to see the newest kit available from a number of premier suppliers. There will be a “try before you buy” range to allow you to test fire a wide selection of Airsoft Arms.

Other attractions planned include a GGB and AEG repair workshop.
There will be round table discussions on Scenario design and Game Hosting as well.

GMAC will be the first event of its kind in the GTA, I expect the first year to be a small to medium sized event (up to 100 participants and venders ) If this event is successful we will do another in the spring.

Restricted to persons 16 years and older. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their legal Guradian.


The following contests will be held. Entries will Judged by a panel of judges selected from Attendees.

1. Best Airsoft "Mod" This includes everything from custom paint, to complete scratchbuilds of airsoft Arms. Entries will be judged on "technical execution" and general appeal. All entries must be functioning useable Arms.

2. Best Kit turn out for a "Modern Canadian Soldier" impression
3. Best Kit turn out For a "Modern American Soldier" impression
4. Best Kit turn out for a "Modern Other nation Soldier" impression (Prize Sponsored by One Shot Tactical Supply )
5:Best Kit turn out for a "Historical Soldier" impression (WW2 or Viet Nam era )
6: Best Kit Turn out for a " Modern Operator, SWAT, Special Forces, or PMC "
7: Best in Show from all kit impression entries.

Kit impressions must include weapons.

Prizes Sponsored by the Law Firm of Boland Howe

Still room for more venders.
If you are interested in having a display table for your wares, or for your team or organization send me a PM with a e-mail address to send the package to.

Venders by class so far
Once vender packages go out and confrimations come back I will post a list of who is coming. following is a list of types of venders who have expressed interest in attending.

New gearX2
Airsoft parts and accessoriesX2
Airsoft ArmsX2

team recruiting X3

Events planned

Game Hosting round table discussion, An open discussion about game design and hosting issues. A panel of experienced game hosts will discuss what goes into a good game, and keys to successful hosting, Open question period will be included. Participants in the discussion will be selected from attendees.

GBB Technical workshop, an informal session on GBB "care and feeding" hosted by ASC Armoury's MADMAX
AEG Technical Workshop, an informal session on AEG "care and feeding" hosted by ASC Armoury's MADMAX

GEAR SWAP MEET Ongoing all day. In a designated area with manned security, Bring your extra gear, stuff you don't want or don't use and trade or sell it to someone who wants it. Leave your stuff tagged with the price and the security will collect your money and have it waiting for you when you come back. (no guns please, gear and accessories only)

OPEN RANGE . There will be a range set up ( short range, 6-8 meters) A selection of weapons will be available for firing under the control of a range safety officer.

Tentative Schedule ( Subject to change )

8:00 am doors open for vender load in.
10:30 Open to the "public"
11:00 Game hosting and design "Round Table discussion"
12:00 Contests 1-3
12:30 GBB Technical Workshop
2:30 Contests 4-7
3:00 AEG Technical Workshop
5:00 Close to public, Operator's Lounge opens for Venders and Invited guests
to 8:00 vender load out
10:00 pm Operators Lounge closes

Important information concerning, dress, and deportment..

Please do not dress in public with kit or gear. There are Change rooms on site if you want to wear gear to the event.
also... anyone bringing a Airsoft weapon must ensure that it is properly transported to and from the event. Do not arrive in head to toe multicam with a M4 wrapped up in a garbage bag we should all know better.
If you are bringing gear and guns.. you are responsible for their security and safe stowage. We will have security on site and a safe storage area with controlled access, but gear flopped all around falling out of open bags and gun cases lying open are an invitation for dissapointment.
Brian McIlmoyle
TTAC3 Director
CAPS Range Officer
Toronto Downtown Age Verifier


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