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This is where airsoft kind of splits into 2 groups; Players that like fast paced skirmishes, game-over, reset then go at it again, and then theres the MilSim players that want that real-world operation feel to the game complete with intel reports, recce patrols, consequences for blowing a mission ect.

This second group is what this game is designed for. Where in the real world, nowadays, is there ever incursions between 2 trained, organized military forces from different countries? Probably next to never? It is mostly geurilla warfare against insurgents and terrorists and the like. I want a level of realism thats seconds only to actually beings there (a FAAAAR second, I have great respect for the sacrifices the REAL soldiers are making for our country). This is why an "uknown" force will be used as the op-for. They may be airsofters, ex-mil, maybe even some real hard-line extremeists? HAHA, just kidding.....

Marco P.
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